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"I Bought a loft this Fall w/ huge 2 story walls. Found Gino's work and bought my 1st piece. 48"x64"......took it to my new frame shoppe and everyone had a fit. At 1st glance soft, then you follow the details and you get lost in states of pure joy of art. I immediatley ordered my 2nd piece.....48"x90"......huge! Took it to the frame shoppe and the whole block came over to see it un-rolled. I hesitated to write a wonderful review because I don't want any of the pieces I hunger for to be sold b 4 I can get them. Gino has a talent you haven't ever seen. Get a piece and loose urself often as you explore the painting. Gino, u r a wonderful artists. THX 4 making my new home 'Home'!!" --- Fletcher Scarborough

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the paintings I have received to date. You are amazing". --- Jason Farber


 "Gino.. Gino... Gino...

All I can say is you are the MAN!!!!!
We finally picked up your piece art from our framer and it is absolutely beautiful. I have been looking and envisioning a piece of art like this for years and have never seen anything close to what I had in my mind. This piece of ART has totally surpassed my envision and makes an absolute impact when you walk in our house. I know you probably hear this all the time... well you are going to hear it again. THANK YOU... THANK YOU... THANK YOU.... You are the best and your artistic expression speaks and yells right at me!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making a difference in ones homestead with your expression and a you incredible gift to show it in art!!!!!!!!!! We will be n touch for our next piece!..
P.S. At our frame shop that we have used for years, the owner actually said not only was the painting incredible, but the canvas, the paint, and the amount used was top notch.

**** If you are ever in MPLs, Debra and I would love to take you to dinner. This offer always stands and I hope sometime you will take us up on it!!!!

Thanks Again Gino!!!" --- Jim McCarthy

"Your works are truly creative and brilliantly executed.. Your images do exactly what art is supposed to do.. Against my will they capture and make me appreciate your talent more and more as I receive glimpses thru the incredible windows of your mind!! " --- Carlo Beninati

"Truly one of the GREAT artists of our time. If you don't own one, buy it!!!!!!!!" --- Mike & Julie K.

"Great painting. Well packaged and fast delivery. Highly recommended."--- Kelly P.

"This artist is wonder with color-You will never be disappointed. One of the best" --- The Johnson Family

"Incredible artist. Much better in person. Looking forward to buying again." --- Jenny Olson

"A Great buying experience. Gino answered all of my questions and I had plenty.
The painting is outstanding. A million times better looking in person. I will definatly
buy more. Keep up the good work!" ----Monica Kaymas

"The artwork is wonderful, and he's consistently great to do business with!!"---Vince T.

"Another Great painting!! Spread the word, Gino is first class!!" ---Victoria and Mike vittoliani

"Painting looks great & artist went out of his way to work with me! Super job!!!" --- James Rogers

"Super fast shipping. WOW, what a masterpiece. I want to add an additon to
the house to make it a Savarino Gallery. Top notch service. Thanks Gino."--- Anthony Ramos

"Absolutely wonderful paintings!!! Would buy from again, most definitely." ~David S.

"Thank you doesn't seem adequate enough, but Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! I can't wait to hang this painting and just get lost in it." ~Gina T.

"I Love It! Your Work is spirited and evocative!! It totally feeds my aesthetic hunger!! Thanks so much for expanding this neat piece!" ~Kate L.

"Your painting is beautiful. Way better looking than the pictures. I really lucked out on the price. I appreciate your painting and will look great in my new house. Thanks a lot, Gino!!!" ~Mike P.

"God, I love this painting!!! Gino, you're the Best!"
~Shari D.

"Got one word AMAZING! Love it, going to commission more. Fast Shipping! Thank you." ~Beth H.

"My whole house is becoming a Savarino gallery!! A++++ Thanks Gino." ~Izzy J.

"Beautiful painting. Quick shipping. My wife says she wants more art by Gino." ~Jennifer L.

"Love it! Enjoy your vision and workmanship. Look forward to buying more!" ~Larry J.

"I love, love my painting. It's the best piece I own and I get so many compliments on it. Thanks again for the wonderful work of art. It gives me much happiness." ~Missy E.

"Wow! Beautiful painting, which surpassed our expectations. Gracias!" ~Laurie G.

"Gino, the art is sweet above the master bed. What a great deal. Super Fast Shipper!" ~Steve R.

"Awesome art. Modern, vivid, bold colors. Could never get such a great deal in Chicago." ~Albert D.

"Gino, Thanks for bringing a piece of our country to our living room." ~Jerez family

"Vibrant, colorful, fun. A great picture from a great artist. Thanks for great communication." ~Frank P.

"Paintings are beautiful. Will be buying more. Very well packed and
I love "Mirror, Mirror" You are such an awesome artist. Thanks" ~Trisha O.

"The art transcends my daily routine. It's stunning in person." ~Jessica V.