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About the Artist

 Gino Savarino was born in Argentina on December 3, 1969. His parents migrated to Buenos Aires from Italy   for a better life and in 1978 from Argentina to Chicago   for an even better life. Therefore, he's fluent in Spanish and Italian. Soon after arriving to the United States, he needed a      way to deal with the culture shock and for him the best way was through painting, drawing and listening to music. After graduating high school he enrolled in formal art classes for two years and soon after he decided to do things his way

Gino does not believe there should be rules and guidelines in art. He adds, "If you truly feel what you've created comes from the  heart, it's already a masterpiece. There is nothing more rewarding than to experiment with colors, shapes and styles, taking a step back when you're finished and having a sense of artistic accomplishment". This is why abstraction is the style of painting Savarino loves.

Artist Statement:

I create raw energy on canvas through texture, color and imagination inspired by nature, old and weathered found objects like a rusted piece of metal or crackling peeling paint. I do not approach a canvas with preconceived ideas. Once I place the brush in my hand, it takes a life of it's own. I paint spontaneously and fast without restrictions. All the rules and guidelines I've been taught, go out the window and I create the indescribable. I concentrate on the technique and not the final result. Once I'm out of energy, the piece is complete.
My mission is to have those who view my paintings to forget about their everyday problems, even if it's only for a few seconds.